– I didn’t receive my tickets or confirmation email but I was still charged!

Don’t worry, you won’t be charged. Any pending hold on the funds will be released since the transaction was denied on our end. This happens when there’s a mismatch in the billing information you entered versus what the bank has on file. Any charges you see pending will not actually go through. If you didn’t receive the tickets, you will NOT be charged. The pending hold on the funds will be released in a 2 to 10 business days. What we suggest is logging into your online banking and copying and pasting your address exactly as they have it as well as ensure all of the other billing information is matching up (3 numbers on the back etc).

If you try too many times with the wrong information, you will get locked after too many failed attempts (as a security precaution). If this happens, please call the box office at 612.333.6100.


– Is there refunds?

We have a NO REFUND POLICY – unless a show is postponed or cancelled. Please make sure you check your cart total number of tickets and cost before clicking “Finalize Transaction”.


– Is there coat check?

Yes, coat check is open starting November 1st through winter.
PRO-TIP** Take a picture of your coat check ticket stub just in case you end up losing it!


– Can tickets be scanned from my phone or do I have to print it out?

Tickets can be scanned off your phone, just PLEASE make sure you have your brightness up when you get to the scanner so we can get everyone in as fast as efficiently possible.


– Can I bring my backpack or camelback in?

No. We have a “no backpacks” policy, please leave them in your car or at home.