Marvel Years & Vincent Antone Flyer

Marvel Years & Vincent Antone

Friday 7/12 @ The Loft


$15 ADV
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Live in Concert in the Loft at Skyway Theatre on July 12, 2024!

Cory Wythe, the producer and guitarist better known as Marvel Years, is much more than your average DJ/producer, Marvel Years incorporates electric guitar in his live performances. His approach to blending electronic beats and shredding soulful guitar on his original tracks and remixes creates a sound that is a unique hybrid. 

Vincent Antone is an American producer and recording artist based in Austin, TX. He is a multi instrumentalist; playing guitar for over 20 years, Drums for 15, and Piano and Bass for 10. He has produced music for over 8 years now and has found a passion for combining elements of Dance music with all sorts of genres.

Marvel Years

Vincent Antone