Playing at the dichotomy of light and dark, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA produces electronic pop with melodic bass edge.

Having studied classical piano from the age of 6, she went to college at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she learned to score films and video games. JVNA started producing electronic music inspired by future bass sound, stumbling on viral hits with game and anime remixes.

Her fanbase deepened with 2018’s “I’m With You.” Inspired by her father’s death, the contrast of hard-hitting grit and glittering softness mirrored the confusion of loss mixed with loving memories. JVNA self-directed the song’s music video, the first in her career.

Explosive follow-up “Catch Me” continued the momentum. Fans loved the bright and hard-hitting chorus against vulnerable lyrics. The song took JVNA on a sold out tour across the United States, but when the pandemic forced venues to close, JVNA returned to the studio. “At Least It Was Fun” is the first taste from that process. Intimate yet expansive, the clear piano stabs and near-whispered vocals tell the story of a person who finds solace in the end of something hard.

It’s got all the elements of JVNA’s signature style, building on 2019’s “First Storm,” but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. JVNA’s got a whole album’s worth of material due for release in 2021. It’s daring work that mixes pop, rock and melodic bass with honest and emotional lyrics. Nothing is off limits, and JVNA is just getting started.