Ghengar Flyer


W/ Support from HE$H & Phiso


Friday 6/28 @ Skyway Theatre


$18 ADV
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Ghengar brings The SACRIFICE Tour to Skyway Theatre on June 28th, 2024! Featuring support from HE$H and Phiso!

Born David Lee Crow in Phoenix, Arizona, GHASTLY came from humble beginnings on his family’s dairy farm. From childhood, he was an entertainer and an entrepreneur, giving guided tours to field trips that visited the farm and selling his toys and T-shirts on his days off. Despite his modest upbringing, David knew from early on that music was his life’s calling, diving into production and recording his own music by the age of 12. 
In the spring of 2022, David took his artistry further by introducing a much more sonically heavy project known as “GHENGAR.” Inspired by his love for metal music, GHENGAR sets are where David is able to completely cut loose with his most aggressive tracks. After creating a massive stir with the introduction of this new project, David released his debut EP as GHENGAR, NECROMANCER EP, earning him top placements on a number of notable playlists on various streaming platforms and expanding his audience tenfold. In the fall of 2022, GHENGAR set out across North America on the NECROMANCER Tour, giving fans an entirely new jaw-dropping experience with his signature mask and horror-inspired production.


➤ HE$H