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The Loft


DOORS: 9:00

Ages 18+


Western Canadian Music Award nominated rapper Merkules’ videos have received over 90,000,000 views between YouTube and Facebook, and his music has had over 30,000,000 audio-only streams of his music. In addition Merkules most recent album debuted at #2 on the main iTunes chart across all genres in Canada. Merkules has rocked over 500 high energy performances across North America and Europe, and isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. His raw talent, wit, and genuine humbleness has captivated a fan base that is growing by the thousands every day. Through blood, sweat, and tears, Merkules has earned the respect of artists and fans around the world, proving himself to be the next rising star in hip hop.


C The Gray

In C The Gray’s rhymes you will find the hardest elements of underground hip-hop: chopping (as fast as the best), grooving triplets, intricate wordplay and metaphors, and dynamic use of vocals - ranging from low melodic feels to energetic growling deliveries. C The Gray is directly involved in creating the beats that he uses in his music; his open taste in music allows his songs to fluctuate in style across an album, from hard trap to rhythm and bass to indie rock. Already proven to move large crowds into night-long parties, C The Gray continues to produce the best of contemporary styles in a blend that is not mindless yet not too far out of reach for average listeners to keep up with; personified in the triumph of duality stands.


Scotty Wu is a producer who made his local apperence in 2012 with his first project "The Phantasy EP" with Kemet the Phantom. Since then he has dropped projects with local legends and the up and comers of the KC/TX music scene. Names such as Lil Keke, Tum Tum, Lil Ronny MF, Jl of Bhood, The Abnorm, Joey Cool and many many more. 9 years of making beats has helped the 27 old producer really grasp a unique sound for a producer out of Kansas.