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Galaanaa Gaaromsaa

Skyway Theatre


DOORS: 8:00
$50.00 ADV

Ages 18+

Galaanaa Gaaromsaa

Gelana Garomsa is an Ethiopian Oromo Artist, particularly known for his Oromic cultural songs. He was born on Western Shewa, Ambo, Mugno Kore village in 1985. Galana has completed his elemantary education at Dire Hinchini and his secondary education at Ambo High school. And then he joined Ambo university in 2008. During his stay at universith he has joined Ambo university Art Club which was established and aimed to promote the Oromo music and Culture. Then he started to perform music and show his unique music talent  in that club and most of the university society became to be amaized with his talent. This was his starting point to become a potential Artist. After he garduate he started to write and perform his own songs. His first music that he perform on stage is ”Wal nu hin hanqisiin” which was his first song to adress to the society. In  the year….he releases his first album named
”Ilmaan Hayyootaa” and his second album was named ”Baallii” released at 2020. Besides of this two albums he releases singles named
 ”Amala kee”
”Hin dhaqu ganda”
”Uumaa uumamaa”
” Lubee koo” and others.
This Artist is  married and a father of one son. And now a time all his music works has a great acceptability and recognition from the society. And this leads him to won different Awards.
In 2018 his single music ‘Amale Kee was best single of the year.
In 2019 he was awarded as  a best cultural singer of Oromo Award.
In 2020 his second album Baalli was best album of the year.
Currently, Artist Gelana Garomsa is a well respected  Oromo Artist with so much expectation from the society to keep up his good work in the Oromo music industry.

Questions? Contact Kamal Kabeto. Cell: 763-218-8700. Email: myosfna@gmail.com