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w/ Co-Op & The Crowned

Studio B


DOORS: 7:00

Ages 15+


Ask anyone who has ever been in a band, and they’ll tell you.  Being in a band is hard.  Making it work for 20 years?  That is really, really hard. That has certainly been the case for the once Louisville, KY-based metal band FLAW.  The band has seen multiple line-up changes over the years, however the core of Chris Volz’s vocals has remained as the creative driving force and is poised to re-emerge on the strength of their finest set of recordings to date.  The band has signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment, and is set to release Divided We Fall on August 19, 2016. FLAW a band that is re-emerging on the strength of renewed focus and energy, and that energy is captured on the lead single from “Divided We Fall”, a song called “Live and Breathe” that is a vessel of raw human experience and emotion.  The band has waited 12 years to release a proper album, to rally and come together. FLAW can accomplish great things, and their fans are poised and ready to answer the call.


No strangers to performance, CO-OP brings a big, powerful sound to their show. Forming in 2014, CO-OP began gathering a small following in the local Phoenix scene. Within a few years, having shared a stage with rock legends like Motley Crue, The Hollywood Vampires and Alice Cooper, CO-OP is expanding their influence beyond Arizona and even outside the United States. Founder and frontman Dash Cooper’s powerful vocals mix a classic rock undertone with the strength and grit of modern rock while guitar players Kolby Peoples and Jeremy Tabor introduce heavy riffs mixed with melody hooks that keep the music powerful and interesting. Justin Swartzentruber (bass) and Nick Spann (drums) hold down the foundation. Not content to stick only to pursuing their careers in music, CO-OP often puts their skills to work helping raise funds for Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center. The work has often brought with it opportunities to perform as a back-up band along with other philanthropic volunteers such as Alex Lifeson (Rush), Danny Seraphine (Chicago) and Tommy Thayer of Kiss. 2017 brought the band on their first tour with label mates One Eyed Doll and Dollskin. Look for a new album release and tour coming up in 2018.

The Crowned

The Crowned, the premier metal band from Texas taking the metal scene to new heights! Fronted by drummer/singer Marc Coronado, guitarists include Shane Ellis, Eric Salinas, and bass player Johnny Damien. Formed in 2013, The Crowned have come a long way in the metal world and there is no plans of stopping this metal domination. Their music and lyrics are inspired by death, antireligious themes (mostly targeting Christianity) and rebellion. They are known to fuse melodic death metal with aggressive old-school death metal tendencies and considerable thrash metal influences, reminiscent of bands such as Possessed and old Sepultura. On November 28, 2017, it was announced that The Crown had returned to Metal Blade Records, and will release the first single "Iron Crown" from their upcoming tenth studio album "Cobra Speed Venom", on January 12, 2018.