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Subject 31 & Lord Swan3x

The Loft


DOORS: 9:00

Subject 31

20 year old Dubstep/ Bass Music Producer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Lord Swan3x

Emerging from deep within the jungles of Richfield, Ohio is Tyler Swan aka Lord Swan3x. Swan is known for his overly aggressive bass music productions, and for delivering high-energy basslines via DJ set. Co-owner alongside Code: Pandorum of the newly formed heavy bass music label “Crowsnest Audio”, Swan is here to spread the good word of heavy music across the globe. Past label releases have resulted in holding down slots all over on the top 10 Dubstep Releases on Beatport. In particular, his most recently released EP on Crowsnest Audio hit #1 on Beatport Dubstep Releases. With new tracks dropping constantly and appearances around the world, there’s no telling what to expect next, so see you in the pit!

Killer Seven