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Hudson Mohawke

The Loft


DOORS: 8:00

Hudson Mohawke

The title of 'super-producer' is thrown around so often now that it might as well be a synonym for 'one who possesses a Soundcloud account'. At this point the amount of actual super producers is negligible. These being artists who, beyond the intricacies of their drum programming or sound design, are gifted with the unlearned ability to craft a capital-S song. A song which will draw an emotional response from others and leave them not thinking about process, but rather ‘can I hear that again?’. Ross Birchard has made the leap from beatmaker to genuine super-producer far more spectacularly than most. Long before Kanye West pulled him into his inner circle in 2012, Hud Mo was crafting MDMA-drenched, strobe light rap anthems from a bedroom in Glasgow. Many of these would eventually make up his legendary 2005 mixtape Hudson’s Heeters, his first release Hudson Mohawke Says Oops! (a cover of the timbaland producer ‘Oops’ by Tweet) and eventually his debut album for Warp, Butter (2009). These were kaleidoscopic stepping stones to future glory, equally informed by a certain golden age of electronic R&B and rap innovation as by the bracing freeform antics of prog rock and fusion jazz. 2015 dawned with the release of Lantern, an oddball pop opus that sidled HudMo’s aptitude for robust electronic rap beats alongside futuristic torch songs with Antony Hegarty, piercing R&B anthems featuring Miguel and Jhene Aiko and a music video featuring Pusha T prowling a Dystopian Brooklyn landscape. A non-stop global tour ensued until once again Kanye’s inner-circle reconvened to begin work on Yeezy’s next epic. Taking Kanye’s infatuation with Lantern’s standout track “Ryderz” as a jumping off point, the sessions that would form the staggering The Life Of Pablo combined HudMo and Kanye’s shared affinity for classic sample-based hip-hop and collective vision of forward-thinking sonics. Rihanna, Young Thug, Andre 3000, The Weeknd Chance The Rapper and The Dream would all be along for the ride. As 2016 progressed, it was unveiled that Lantern’s Antony Hegarty collaboration had blossomed into a full-length project under the name ANOHNI which Hudson Mohawke would produce alongside Warp labelmate and fellow visionary Oneohtrix Point Never. The resulting album, Hopelessness was a spellbinding masterpiece and the resulting live tour featured HudMo and 0PN on electronics backing Hegarty’s unparalleled vocals and a visual element that need be seen to be believed. A nomination for the Mercury Music Prize swiftly followed. At long last there is brand new solo material from Hudson Mohawke, in the shape of the soundtrack for one of the most anticipated video games in recent memory Watch Dogs 2. All original HudMo productions built from compositions for the game, the material on Ded Sec has the feeling of a fully realized instrumental album - something fans have been fiending for since Hudson’s Heeters. With no signs of an ebbing work ethic, Birchard has relocated from London to Los Angeles to set up a new studio, schedule recording sessions with legends new and old and begin work on the next chapter of the Hudson Mohawke saga. The future is coming soon.